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Rebelicious Cream Soda 15mg

4.00 3.20
A deliciously refreshing, nostalgic taste of cream soda, delicious lightly sparkling drink infused with 15 MG CBD. No compromises – Made in the UK in 100% recyclable cans. We’ll relax to that! Strength: 15mg Scent: Soda Size: 330ml

Naturecan CBD Whey Protein 1kg

Packed with 20g protein, our CBD Whey Protein combines your everyday dietary boost with quality CBD for powerful, all-natural nutritionals – low in sugar and created with 100% natural flavourings. Size: 1000g (1kg) Serving Size: 25g (40 servings) CBD Strength: 25mg (per serving)

Naturecan Clear Whey Protein Isolate 1kg

Tired of grainy, milky shakes? Now you can get a juicy boost of high-quality protein isolate with our Clear Whey. With rapid absorption and easy digestion, it’s the natural formula ready to kick-start your recovery. Size: 1000g (1kg) Serving Size: 25g (40 servings)

Naturecan Vegan Protein Blend 1kg

Delivering a huge 24g plant protein with less than 1g of sugar and fat, our Vegan Protein Blend is the natural way to boost your nutrition, any time of the day. Size: 1000g (1kg) Serving Size: 35g (28 servings)

Naturecan Creatine Monohydrate

19.00 15.20
Power your latest fitness regime with our Creatine Monohydrate – delivering 99.9% purity guaranteed for a clean, all-natural choice to build strength and size Size: 500g Serving Size: 5g (1 scoop)

CBD Asylum CBD SHOT 300mg

25.00 20.00
On your kitchen side, in your handbag, on your desk at work or in your van underneath a load of bacon sandwich wrappers and 3 week old copies of ‘The Sun’, CBD Shot is at home anywhere. It’s as simple as unclick the cap, squirt into your drink and enjoy. Versatility is the CBD Shot’s middle name, well if it had one that is, and it’s great for providing you with your daily CBD with no added effort. Strength: 300mg (20 x 15mg servings) Scent: Flavourless Size: 60ml

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Recovery Tonic 50mg

Our Recovery Tonic is made with natural ingredients and contains 50mg of THC-free CBD isolate in ready mixed 2oz shots. Available in delicious natural orange and grape flavors, our low carb, low calorie shots are conveniently packaged for your on-the-go lifestyle and designed for use before, during, or after exercise. Strength: 50mg Scent: Grape, Orange Size: 59ml

Calm Zero Sugar Cola CBD Drink 10mg

4.00 3.20
We did it! We created a premium flavour cola that tastes amazing and infused it with 10mg CBD per can. All the flavour without any of the calories! Strength: 10mg Scent: Cola Size: 250ml

Calm Orange Multi-Vitamin CBD Drink 10mg

4.00 3.20
Calm's sparkling orange is bursting with vitamins and is designed to support the immune system with the help of relaxing CBD, making this the perfect drink to maintain health and vitality. Strength: 10mg Scent: Orange Size: 250ml

Calm Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water CBD Drink 10mg

4.00 3.20
Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water – Infused with 10mg CBD. Only 5 Calories Per Can, yet bursting with flavour! Strength: 10mg Scent: Berry Mix Size: 250ml

INTUNE Elderflower & Hops CBD Drink 250ml

4.00 3.20
Floral and smooth, INTUNE Elderflower & Hops blends CBD botanical extracts, fruit juice and natural fruit flavourings with a carbonated spring water base. Hops, apple and a touch of rose blossom give elderflower an edge. Less than 4% sugar. Strength: 10mg Scent: Elderflower, Hops, Apple, Rose Blossom Size: 250ml

INTUNE Grapefruit & Mint CBD Drink 250ml

4.00 3.20
Zesty and fresh, INTUNE Grapefruit & Mint blends CBD botanical extracts, fruit juice and natural fruit flavourings with a carbonated spring water base. Grapefruit, mint, quince and a dash of passionfruit combine for a refreshing and lively pick me up. Less than 4% sugar. Strength: 10mg Scent: Grapefruit, Mint Size: 250ml