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Pachamama Black Pepper Turmeric CBD Oil 30ml

Think beyond your spice rack.  Our DETOX tincture is formulated with full spectrum CBD oil, turmeric, a centuries-old staple used to maintain healthy inflammation levels, and black pepper, to help our bodies better absorb turmeric — further elevating its detoxing power. Strength: 1750mg Scent: Pepper Size: 30ml

Pachamama Goji Cacao CBD Oil 30ml

Helps you hone-in on your to-do list, while keeping your spirits bright. Goji berries are a powerful superfood containing antioxidants and all essential amino acids to help your body remain in a state of total wellness. Cacao makes an indulgent addition to the sweet berry flavor and packs a potent dose of minerals for balanced moods and mental focus. Strength: 750mg, 1750mg Scent: Goji Cacao Size: 30ml

Pachamama Ylang Ylang Holy Basil CBD Oil 30ml

Balance, meet bottle.  BALANCE is formulated with two ancient adaptogenic herbs to bring a sense of harmony and inner peace to the body while enhancing the effects of our CBD. Strength: 750mg, 1750mg Scent: Basil Size: 30ml

Pachamama The Natural CBD Oil 30ml

The purest CBD oil possible. Made from hemp and coconut – that's it. Just how Mother Earth intended it. Ethically-sourced, and crafted as the cleanest CBD oil attainable, you'll get a refreshingly earthy finish. The Natural is suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. Strength: 750mg, 1750mg Scent: Natural Size: 30ml

Pachamama Body Lotion 300mg

Give your skin the revitalizing boost it needs. Our body lotion helps your skin naturally hold moisture in and repel toxins out. 300mg of THC-free, broad spectrum CBD extract is infused with soothing oils to rejuvenate the skin by regenerating healthy tissues and cells. The aromatic properties of lavender, tea tree, rooibos and geranium offer additional benefits, including stress relief and relaxation. Strength: 300mg Scent: Lavender Size: 50ml

Pachamama Icy Muscle Gel 500mg

Easily target problem areas with a roll-on applicator. Get quick relief of aches and pains while addressing the root cause of discomfort.  This roll-on gel has 500mg of THC-free, broad spectrum CBD extract and a plethora of healing Chinese herbs, offering quick relief for aches and pains. Backed by modern medicine, the therapeutic properties of peony root extract and licorice root extract work in synergy with menthol and camphor to fight inflammation. Strength: 500mg Scent: Camphor, Menthol Size: 60ml

Pachamama Pain Cream 850mg

Soothe sore muscles and joints with a combination of powerful oils and herbs that work to address every core aspect of discomfort. This perfect combo – 850mg of THC-free, broad spectrum CBD, menthol and capsaicin – give your body a break from discomfort and a chance to heal itself naturally. Menthol cools the area causing an inhibiting effect on pain, while capsaicin blocks communication between nerves and enhances blood flow. Strength: 850mg Scent: Capsaicin, Menthol Size: 100ml