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Calm Zero Sugar Cola CBD Drink 10mg

We did it! We created a premium flavour cola that tastes amazing and infused it with 10mg CBD per can. All the flavour without any of the calories! Strength: 10mg Scent: Cola Size: 250ml

Calm Orange Multi-Vitamin CBD Drink 10mg

Calm's sparkling orange is bursting with vitamins and is designed to support the immune system with the help of relaxing CBD, making this the perfect drink to maintain health and vitality. Strength: 10mg Scent: Orange Size: 250ml

Calm Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water CBD Drink 10mg

Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water – Infused with 10mg CBD. Only 5 Calories Per Can, yet bursting with flavour! Strength: 10mg Scent: Berry Mix Size: 250ml