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DIRTEA Mushroom Powder 60g – Turkey Tail

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Try the new daily mushroom powder by Dirtea for a multitude of benefits - strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation and promote gut health. Turkey Tail works by stimulating the release of immune-supporting polysaccharide compounds and aiding in good bacteria nourishment which operates at a cellular level. Turkey Tail is a beta-glucan source that can help support your immune system and provide you with powerful antioxidants to battle fatigue. It can also be used to promote gut health and strengthen the immune system. All these benefits make Turkey Tail an excellent choice for overall wellbeing.
  • 2000mg per serving
  • Fuels good bacteria in the gut
  • Most researched mushroom in the world
  • Immunity powerhouse
  • Prebiotic Polysaccharides
  • Highest source of Beta-D Glucans
  • Fights Fatigue
Ingredients: 100% Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder.